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Now that you’ve planned your event, it’s time to register it so that we know it’s happening, can help people find it and promote your successes.

It will only take a few minutes to fill in our short registration form.

If you have planned an event for World Access to Higher Education Day taking place on, or around, 26 November 2019, please use this form to register your event so we know it’s happening, can help people find it, and promote your successes.

After you have registered your event, we will review it before placing it on the website. We hope to approve all events, but if we notice that there is a major problem with your event – for example, if your event is clearly unsafe for people to attend – we will have to ask you to not carry out the event under the name of World Access to Higher Education Day.

Here is some guidance on filling in the form:

  • Upload event image: We will use this image to represent your event in the event listing.
  • Is the event private or public?: If your event will be accessible to the public or can be booked from a publicly available website, please tick ‘Public’. If you are running a closed event, such as an access event at a school working with pupils where no-one else can attend, please tick ‘Private’.
  • Enter venue address: Although this box is optional, you will need to provide a venue address if the event is accessible to the public.
  • Host organisation/Host website: These boxes are optional so that individuals and hosts with no website can register events. However, you should fill them in if you are able to.

If you need help registering your event (for example, if you can’t find your country on the list of countries) or would like to provide further information on your event in addition to the form, please contact us at

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Register Your Event 2019

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