Plan Your Event

Planning your event is easy when you break it down into steps. And once you’re done, you’ll be well on the way to hosting a great event.

Who is your event for?

You need to think about the target audience for your event. Is it for practitioners? Students? The public? Knowing who you want to target will help you to pick an activity that will be appealing for its audience.

What will your event be?

You need to decide what activity or activities you want your event to involve. Now you know your target audience, this should be easier. Maybe you could carry out an event with learners, hold a talk or lecture on access work for other people at your organisation or, if you’re a student, host a film screening for your follow students. And don’t be afraid to do a completely unique event!

When will you hold you event?

Now you know what you want to do, you need to figure out when and where to hold it. Your event should be on 28 November or as close to it as possible. We’d prefer you to hold an event on a different day than not host one at all!

Where will you hold your event?

Try to book your venue before you register your event if you possibly can – it would be a shame if you had to cancel. Think about how many people might attend and whether you need anything from the venue. It would be no good to book a room for a PowerPoint-supported event and then find that there is no screen!

Do you need to fund your event?

If you can’t run your event for free but don’t know how you will pay then think about trying to find a sponsor for the event – unfortunately we cannot provide financial help. Given the nature of the event, if your venue normally charges it is worth asking if they will consider hosting it for free.

Is there anything you shouldn’t do?

We don’t want to put too many limits on what people do but we have to ask hosts to follow some basic requirements – please don’t do anything that will damage the reputation of World Access to Higher Education Day, please follow your country’s rules on safeguarding young people and please consider the environment of your country and don’t hold a provocative event that might put you in danger.

Finished your plan? It’s time for the next step.

These organisations are helping us with the planning and delivery of World Access to Higher Education Day