The Equity Policy Map

The Global Equity Policy Map represents a first attempt to build an international database on national equity policies in higher education. The first report looking at these policies “All around the world – Higher education equity policies across the globe” can be accessed here. The information on each country was obtained by consulting official websites, official documents, academic publications and the advice of government officials or academics.  All errors of interpretation of analysis remain, however, the responsibility of the research team.  We want to continue to update the map and invite you therefore to contact us at to complete the templates on existing countries or add information on new countries.


Leading up to World Access to Higher Education Day 2019, the we undertook a follow-up study on the 2018 “All around the world – Higher education equity policies across the globe” report (see link above) to explore which equity promotion policies seem most successful, and to assess under what circumstances some policies work better than others. The new study focused on a small sample of countries from all corners of the planet: Australia, Austria, Colombia, South Africa and Vietnam.

You can access the full report, “Measuring the Impact of Equity Promotion Policies: Lessons from National and Institutional Case Studies” by clicking on the image to the right. The report was written by Jamil Salmi and was launched on the second World Access to Higher Education Day in November 2019. It was supported by the Lumina Foundation, an independent, private foundation in Indianapolis that is committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all.