Student Voices

Students around the world are sharing their stories of access and success.

The voices of students will be key to World Access to Higher Education Day.

In the build-up to 26 November 2019, we are carrying out a global student voices campaign, highlighting how higher education can transform the lives of students from underrepresented groups. Below you will find our collection of student voice stories and case studies.

If you are a student and would like to share your story, or you are from an educational institution and would like to share student case studies, please get in touch with us at

Jamie's Voice

United Kingdom

Jamie George, a first generation university student from a low participating neighborhood wants to help others accomplish their own goals after progressing on to university with the help of a Summer school and University transition scheme.

Bernadette's Voice


Bernadette Lehane, a mature student, successfully balanced parenthood and study to achieve her degree.

TJ's Voice


TJ Hogan, a member of the Traveller community, has thrived in higher education with support around his dyslexia.

Róisín's Voice


Róisín Ormond refused to let her hearing impairment stand in the way of higher education study.

Laura's Voice


A mature student from an Indigenous background, Laura Christie became involved in research on access…

Jed's Voice


Jed Fraser, an Aboriginal student ambassador, hopes to inspire others to succeed…

Jonathan's Voice


Jonathan Sae-Koew overcame significant barriers to achieve personal growth through higher education…

Arshya’s Voice


Arshya Pankaj grew up in rural Australia and, encouraged by outreach schemes, is now working to become a doctor…

Amber's Voice


Amber Scott, the first in her family to attend university, overcame challenges including relocation from her home town…

Ernie's Voice


Erno Frak [Ernie], a mature student entered higher education to change his life around to do what he truly enjoys.

These students have shared their access and success stories – now help share access and success with the world on 28 November 2018.