The case for World Access to Higher Education Day is strikingly powerful, backed up by evidence and research. Here we have provided downloads and links to the key research papers that highlight the challenges we face in widening access to higher education.


Charting Equity in Higher Education

This report, published by Pearson, analyses data on access to higher education from 50 countries, examines the challenges of monitoring access to higher education globally and proposes a Global Equity Data Charter for higher education.


Six ways to ensure higher education leaves no one behind

This UNESCO policy paper makes policy recommendations for equitable and affordable higher education, exploring ways to target assistance at those who need it most.


Enhancing higher education system performance: Benchmarking higher education system performance

This OECD benchmarking report presents an account of higher education today, the debate around the performance of higher education and the conceptual framework for its benchmarking project. The includes coverage of access and equity.


A Broken Social Elevator? How to Promote Social Mobility

This OECD report investigates the stalling of social mobility worldwide since the 1990s, including a discussion of how parental educational background affects the life chances of their children, and examines policy areas to improve social mobility.

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