The latest updates on World Access to Higher Education Day

Here you can find the latest exciting updates on World Access to Higher Education Day. There are sure to be many interesting developments in the build-up to the day itself, so be sure to keep an eye on this page. If you would like us to send news on World Access to Higher Education Day straight to your inbox, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which also contains the latest global news on access to higher education.


‘Change is gonna come’

Stuart Billingham Emeritus Professor of Lifelong Learning York St John University Just about a decade ago I argued, If we are to sustain the progress made so far and also meet the challenges which still remain with regard to patterns of participation in higher...

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WAHED 2019 Summary report now available

The report from 2019's World Access to Higher Education Day is now available to view and/or download. The report summarises the activity that took place on, or around, WAHED 2019 and showcases some of the events. You can access the report by clicking...

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WAHED Voices: Access and Student Financial Aid in Japan

With kind thanks to Professor Masayuki Kobayashi,  Comprehensive Research Organization, J. F. Oberlin University for contributing this article.  1. Worsening equality of access to higher education in Japan The increase in tuition fees (Figure 1) and the subsequent...

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