More WAHED 2018 Events

Event Title: Rediscover Your Potential

Location: United Kingdom

Host: The University of Sheffield

Event Description: This event was a free Open Evening for adults thinking about University study.
What was it? A drop in event featuring a series of short talks, taster activities and information stalls
Who was it for? Anyone aged 21 or over needing information about degree courses at the University of Sheffield.
The event included:
– An opportunity to meet current mature students
– Information about our exciting range of full and part-time courses
– Guidance on how to apply for a University course
– Overview of support for mature students
– ‘Taster’ sessions and activities
– Information on student finance
– Information on support for students with disabilities


Event Title: Official Launch of Empower the Family 


Host: Empower the Family

Event Description: This event marked the launch of Empower the Family, held at PwC in Dublin.


Event Title: Seminar on Access-Inclusion-Academic Success and 2030 Agenda

Location: Brazil

Host: State University of Campinas

Event Description: The goal of this event was to propose an integrated institutional plan of action towards Access-Inclusion-Permanence-Academic Success focusing on diversity in campus, underpinned by the 2030 Agenda.


Event Title: Primary Project – Introduction to University for Year 6 pupils 

Location: United Kingdom

Host: University of Derby

Event Description: This was a classroom based session for Year 6 students to introduce them to the idea of going to university. The session is part of a three stage multi-intervention, where they will also visit the University of Derby.
The session will incorporated a range of activities to allow the students to find out:
– What is a university?
– When do you go to university?
– Where do you live whilst you’re studying?
– What courses can you study at university?


Event Title: Celebrating 21 Years of ‘University for All’ Programme

Location: Ireland

Host:University College Dublin – Access & Lifelong Learning

Event Description: This event marked 21 years of the start of the New Era programme and Launch of the Toolkit for Inclusive Higher Education Institutions. It was hosted by Dr Anna Kelly, UCD Access and Lifelong Learning, and Professor Grace Mulcahy, Chair, UCD Widening Participation Committee. The Minister for Higher Education, Mary Mitchell O’Connor and Eva Egron-Pollak, Former Secretary of the International Association of Universities were featured speakers.


Event Title: Chilean Higher Education: Interrogating Knowledge, Internationalization and Gender

Location: United Kingdom

Host: Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research

Event Description: This free seminar was a collaboration between 3 academics reflecting on aspects of the higher education system in Chile including internationalization policies, research and publishing and research funding. While it did not focus specifically on students accessing higher education, it did problematise what sorts of education are at stake to be accessed in the first place – in terms of what kinds of knowledge and knowers belong as legitimate and how this is shaped by different international contexts.


Event Title: University for All Town Hall Meeting

Location: Ireland

Host: University College Dublin (UCD) – Access & Lifelong Learning

Event Description: The University for All Townhall meeting featured discussions about UCD’s journey towards becoming an institution that is accessible and inclusive for all students. Participants were invited to celebrate the University’s achievements in Widening Participation, but also participate in discussions about the challenges and opportunities to enhance the access and experience of under-represented student cohorts.


Event Title: Creative Writing GCSE English

Location: United Kingdom

Host: University of Sussex

Event Description: In an age of public, and especially teenage, frustration with the media and politics’ lies and deception, this highly interactive workshop took students through a series of debating and writing skills to help them become deeper and more critical thinkers.
The objective of this workshop was to:
– Enhance students ability to
– Write effectively and coherently using standard English appropriately
– Use grammar correctly, punctuate and spell accurately
– Acquire and apply a wide vocabulary, alongside a knowledge and understanding of grammatical terminology, and linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language.


Event Title: Speaking Out/Speaking up 

Location:United Kingdom

Host:University of Sussex

Event Description: This event was an attainment raising day for Widening Participation GCSE students that developed student confidence in participation in spoken English. In the session, groups practiced parts of famous speeches, from Obama’s inauguration speech to Romeo and Juliet’s prologue. The session also provided sentence stems for students to use to help them speak up in seminars, and articulate themselves in presentations.


Event Title: DCU TY

Location: Ireland

Host: Dublin City University Access Service

Event Description: This was an event showcasing the importance of leadership in achievement.
Guest speakers, included:
– Ahmed Mansour, Intern, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, DCU,
– Aoife McNicholl, DCU PhD Student, Irish International, Powerchair football
– John Lonergan – Former Governor, Mountjoy Prison
– Clarece Burke – Access Student
– Colm O’Gorman – Director of Amnesty International (Ireland)


Event Title:The third conference of the cinema entitled “Murray Ur” in the perspective of film and media


Host: College of Media – University of Baghdad


Event Title: Taste of TAP

Location: Ireland

Host:Trinity College Dublin

Event Description: Students interested in studying on the TAP Foundation Courses for Higher Education in Trinity College Dublin, could try the course out for a day – attend sample classes, meet graduates of the course, learn how to apply and take part in a campus visit.


Event Title: Law Taster Session 

Location: United Kingdom

Host: State University of Campinas

Event Description: A one-hour law taster session at the University of Leicester


Event Title: Webinar Presentación de buenas prácticas de equidad e inclusión social en el acceso a la educación superior en Colombia
‘Webinar Presentation of good practices of equity and social inclusion in access to higher education in Colombia’

Location: Colombia

Host: Asociación Colombiana de Universidades ASCUN

Event Description: Habrá tres presentaciones: una con información general sobre equidad e inclusión social en la educación superior en Colombia y tres con buenas prácticas: (1) El Proyecto Sueños, liderado por el ICBF y apoyado por ASCUN, que beneficia a los jóvenes sin familia o a quienes han cometido delitos para acceder, quedarse, graduarse en educación superior y obtener un empleo; (2) Estrategia de acceso a la educación superior en la Universidad del Rosario y (3) Programas especiales de admisión de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
This event featured three presentations: One with general information on equity and social inclusion in higher education in Colombia and three with good practices: (1) The Dreams Project led by the ICBF and supported by ASCUN, which benefits young people without family or who they have committed crimes to access, stay, graduate in higher education and obtain a job; (2) Strategy of access to higher education at the Universidad del Rosario and (3) Special admission programs of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.



Event Title:  DCU Access Achievement Awards

Location: Ireland

Host: Dublin City University

Event Description: This event was an evening of celebration of the wonderful achievements of local 15-16 year olds. Celebrating; musical, sporting, arts, culture and academic achievements.


Event Title: TeenTech Manchester

Location: United Kingdom

Host:Greater Manchester Higher

Event Description: TeenTech is an award-winning event, where year 9 students from 30 schools from across Greater Manchester are given the opportunity to join STEM professionals from many different industries for a lively “hands-on” day of experiments and challenges. It’s an opportunity for students and teachers to learn more about careers and have their preconceptions about science and engineering changed forever. Students move in small groups, led by an industry “Ambassador” and their teacher through the Innovation Zone, Insight Exhibition and Challenge Zones. It’s a powerful intervention just before students make GCSE subject choices, dispelling gender stereotypes and shifting perceptions of careers teenagers may have considered “difficult”, “geeky” or “boring”.


Event Title: Medicine Taster Session

Location:United Kingdom

Host:University of Leicester

Event Description: A one-hour Medicine taster session at the University of Leicester


Event Title: Night at the Vet College: AWAKE

Location: United Kingdom

Host: Royal Veterinary College

Event Description: This event presented an opportunity for attendees to explore the world of day and night with the Royal Veterinary College and learn from expert staff, students and professionals how the simple turning of the planet affects everything, from animals’ cells to their reproduction. The event was sponsored by the Physiological Society and targeted secondary school age pupils and upwards.


Event Title: Celebrating 70 years of Lifelong Learning in UCD

Location: Ireland

Host: University College Dublin – Access & Lifelong Learning

Event Description: This event celebrated 70 years of UCD’s operating as an Age Friendly University. It was hosted by Dr Anna Kelly, UCD Access and Lifelong Learning, and Professor Grace Mulcahy, Chair, UCD Widening Participation Committee. Professor Andrew Deeks, President, UCD and Margot Slattery, Country President, Sodexo Ireland and Northern Ireland were featured speakers.



Event Title: Computer Science Taster Day

Location: United Kingdom

Host: University of Derby

Event Description: This day allowed students to explore real world learning facilities on a guided tour led by Student Ambassadors. Students also took part in a Computer Science session including a talk about the course and career progression after graduation.


Event Title:  World Access Day to HE Celebration

Location: Ireland

Host: Limerick Institute of Technology

Event Description: Corpus Christie National School Choir / Diversity Portal / panel Discussion on Travelers in Education


Event Title: University of Southern Queensland’s WAHED Symposium

Location: Australia

Host:University of Southern Queensland

Event Description: As part of a new global initiative, the University of Southern Queensland hosted a one day symposium to engage local and national stakeholders in exploring concepts, challenges and opportunities on widening access and participation in higher education. The one day symposium brought together individuals from across Australia who were engaged in research and scholarship, or undertaking projects and other initiatives that were addressing this challenge.


Event Title: Workshop on Modern Academic and Scientific Research Publishing

Location: Iraq

Host: Baghdad College for Economic Sciences University

Event Description: 

تهدف الورشة الى رفع مستوى كلية بغداد للعلوم الاقتصادية الجامعة العلمي والاكاديمي والبحثي وزيادة

رصانة الكلية ومعياراها الاكاديمي وتسجيل الباحثين من التدريسيين والفنيين والعاملين في المواقع البحثية العلمية العالمية ونشر نشاطاتهم العلمية والبحثية مطلب كجزء من مواصفات العامل ضمن العاملين في المهنة التدريسية والعمل في التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي