Access for Roma to Higher Education – Social Media Campaign

The under-representation of Roma in higher education – even though participation rates are increasing across Central Eastern Europe (however, much lower when compared to mainstream population) – is driven by the low rates of secondary school graduation among Roma and by the quality of education they receive.

In most of the countries access to higher education is predetermined by a state level testing and evaluation. Moreover, the fear of discrimination, as well as the costs associated with tertiary-level education and the lack of accurate information regarding higher education among the Roma population are considered to be further issues related to access.

Once in the situation to enroll in a higher education institution, Roma youngsters are exposed to further institutional challenges: their level of preparedness, financial burdens, “choice” of university or field of study, etc.

This social media campaign aims to bring out the voices of Roma youth from accross Europe and present their thoughts on why they think access for Roma in higher education matters.


26th November 2019

Platform: Online

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