The latest updates on World Access to Higher Education Day

Here you can find the latest exciting updates on World Access to Higher Education Day. There are sure to be many interesting developments in the build-up to the day itself, so be sure to keep an eye on this page. If you would like us to send news on World Access to Higher Education Day straight to your inbox, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which also contains the latest global news on access to higher education.


Summary Report on the First Ever WAHED Available

World Access to Higher Education day (WAHED) was created as a platform to raise global awareness around inequalities in access and success in Higher Education and incites global, regional and local action to address these across the world. With the support of over 100...

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WAHED Newsletter – 29th March 2019 Issue

The World Access to Higher Education Day Newsletter provides regular updates on the latest news on equitable access to higher education from around the world and details recent developments with the WAHED initiative.  WAHED headlines featured in this issue are: 'WAHED...

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Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education Report from ACE

The American Council of Education have released a status report examining over 200 indicators, looking at who gains access to a host of educational environments and experiences, and how these trajectories differ, by race and ethnicity. In addition, invited scholarly...

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WAHED UK Conference Slides Available

The UK Hub conference for the first World Access to Higher Education Day was hosted by Aston University on Wednesday 28th November and had over 100 delegates both domestic and international in attendance. The day saw contributions from Universities UK International...

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Blog: AHEAD Talks World Access to Higher Education Day

Today (28.11.18) is World Access to Higher Education Day. It will be accompanied by conferences in the UK and Australia, initiatives in Germany from our colleagues (first generation students), and by a lot of social media events emphasising educational...

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Blog: The Value of Looking Outside

Over the last two years I have developed and learnt from a growing network of friends and colleagues in the USA and beyond. Part of this learning is to make a plea that in the UK we do not repeat some of the mistakes that have defined college-going in the USA: most...

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Article: Widening Access to HE at LAMDA

As we mark World Access to Higher Education Day today, we shine a spotlight on some of our recent work in the community which is designed to raise aspiration and build routes into training and employment in the creative industries. Our Widening Access and...

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Blog: The Best Chance for All

Policy settings matter to equitable student outcomes. This will be demonstrated on World Access to Higher Education Day (WAHED) with the launch of the research report The Global Higher Education Equity Policy Barometerand The Best Chance for All, a...

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