Make a WAHED Pledge

We want to focus on encouraging governments, universities and others to make meaningful commitments that will lead to greater equity in access and participation in higher education.

Making a WAHED Pledge is one way of achieving this.

Using the editable poster below you can make a pledge about how your organisation is going to make access and participation in HE more equitable.

WAHED 2019 Pledge


Editable Poster – Directions for Use:

Before downloading please note:  Pdf is only editable in Google Chrome and Internet explorer. Functionality is unsupported with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. 

  1. Add ‘pledge’ text
  2. Add name of your Organisation/ Institution
  3. Save as pdf (Note: In Google Chrome this is an option in ‘Print’ settings, under the ‘destination’ drop down section.)
  4. Convert pdf file to jpg picture (click here for a free pdf to Jpg converter tool )
  5. Save, then Share with your networks (and with us via Twitter! @WorldaccessHE) or Print as a poster.