Widening Access to Higher Education: Prison University Partnerships

Prisoners Education Trust

28th November 2018

Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) is delighted to be hosting our first PUPiL event aimed at professionals working in widening access to higher education in the UK.

People with convictions are often not included in widening participation strategies. Yet those in this cohort often meet some – or all – of the criteria for ‘underrepresented groups’ outlined by the Office for Students.

Time and time again we see the huge and transformative impact that education can have for those who can access it. The recent decision by UCAS to remove the requirement for disclosure of a criminal conviction makes this a great time to revisit admissions policies and to make sure that higher education is accessible for all. We’d love for Widening Access professionals to join us and find out about the work that is happening, and what the benefits are.

Come along on Friday 30 November to hear about some of the exciting work being done by universities and prisons from across the PUPiL network and to find out how you could get involved.

For more information, please contact Rosie Reynolds