Student Leaders Commitment to Promoting Access 

University of Western Cape,

South Africa



What were the aims of the activity/event?
Induction of the 2019 Student leadership, where the new leadership interacts with university leadership and management and learns about university policies and strategy.

The Student Representative Council, the Sports Council, the Central Housing Committee and the House Committees were invited to participate on the day. 20-50 people attended the event.

What happened during this event?
The student leadership induction programme had a slot for a WAHED activation, where there was a focused discussion on access to higher education, facilitated by the DVC for Student Development and Support, Prof Pamela Dube. The students expressed support for an initiative such as the World Access to Higher Education Day, which amplifies recognition of higher education as a right. They also shared ideas around opportunities for improvement on barriers to access and success. The students prepared posters on WAHED and some with statements emphasizing inclusivity, agency among others

What were key messages coming out from the event?
Student leadership role in promotion access for success, the diversity of student experience beyond access, and the role of student leadership in making it an effective and meaningful one.


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