Supporting Success of Students on The Autism Spectrum: What are we learning?

UTAS Social Inclusion Community of Practice,


What were the aims of the activity/event?
This event presented an opportunity to increase awareness of the experiences of university students on the autism spectrum and of effective support programs.

This conference was aimed academic and professional staff at the University of Tasmania and over 50 attendees participated on the day.

What happened during this event?
As UTAS is a multi-campus university, staff from three campuses (in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie) met in three video conference rooms and were linked across the state. Our event consisted of three presentations: i) an overview of UTAS’s pilot peer mentoring program for students with autism ii) a student panel (of students with autism and their peer mentors) iii) an overview of a new online support program at another university (ie.located at the University of Southern Queensland).

Read on about this event in this article features in UTAS’ staff news publication

What were key messages coming out from the event?

  1. Implicit in our WAHED event was the importance of inclusive practices and universal design for learning. What is good practice for students with autism, is often good practice for all students!
  2. The benefit of peer support programs (and the need for more of them)
  3. The importance of gaining insights from students and of collaborating with students!

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