Widening Access to Higher Education: Prison University Partnerships

Prisoners Education Trust,

United Kingdom

What were the aims of the activity/event?
People with convictions are often not included in widening participation strategies. Yet those in this cohort often meet some – or all – of the criteria for ‘underrepresented groups’ outlined by the Office for Students. In light of UCAS’ decision to remove the requirement for disclosure of a criminal conviction, this event explored the exciting work being done by universities and prisons from across the PUPiL network and encourage widening participation teams to work with prisoners.

This event was aimed at Widening Participation Teams and was 20-50 attendees participated on the day

What happened during this event?
Various speakers addressed WP staff from across the South of the UK

What were key messages coming out from the event?
WP strategies that consider prisoners benefit everyone. University admissions policies can be barriers to access for prisoners and people with convictions.

For more information on the Prisoners Education Trust or if you would like to contact them please visit their website at:https://www.prisonerseducation.org.uk