Accessibility and Inclusion on World Access to Higher Education Day


United States

What were the aims of the activity/event?
This objective of this activity was to awareness of accessibility and inclusion.

50 people joined in for the webinar

What happened during this event?
This event featured an online webinar with experts around the world addressing accessibility and inclusion in regard to access to higher education. The Zoom webinar was live-streamed for an hour and the realities of access to higher education in regard to people with disabilities were discussed. Panellists included:
– Denise Brodey, author of the Elephant in the Playroom and Forbes disabilities writer.
– Dr. Marialice B.F.X. Curran, Founder, Digital Citizenship Institute
– Stuart Lawler, Business Development Manager with Sight and Sound Technology Limited
– David R. Pollard, Founder of Learning Tech Labs
– Debra Ruh,  author of Inclusion Branding and the CEO of Ruh Global Communications
– Brian Schulman, Founder,  Voice Your Vibe

What were key messages coming out from the event?
Everyone on the panel shared personal stories about struggles regarding accessibility and inclusion in
higher education, as well as in the workplace

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