WAHED 2018 Pakistan – A week of Activities

British Council,


What were the aims of the activity/event?
The week promoting WAHED specifically helped to develop tangible access goals to meet the Sustainable Development Goal of quality education and global prosperity.

During the week of activities around WAHED, the British Council touched 500 people in-person including Vice Chancellors, staff, faculty, students, policy-makers etc. It also trended at number 3 on Twitter.

What happened during this event?

  • The British Council in Pakistan facilitated the Pakistani Higher Education Commission’s vision by promoting collaborations and research linkages with the higher education sector in the UK.
  • A range of talks & seminars on promoting access to higher education were facilitated including plenaries on quality assurance, transnational education, and leadership development, engaging UK delegates and senior faculty/vice-chancellors from relevant Pakistani universities.
  • A TV talk show was recorded on the changing landscape of HE in Pakistan. A live radio programme was also broadcasted discussing the importance of increasing access to higher education and its role in producing employment opportunities for the youth of Pakistan.
  • The UK delegation visited campuses and saw facilities of Pakistan’s top 5 higher learning institutes.

What were key messages coming out from the event?
By facilitating the most senior and largest UK delegation in the history of the British Council in Pakistan, the Pak-UK Education Gateway has secured a pivotal role in improving access and quality in Higher Education in Pakistan, a core feature of the WAHED initiative.