EPHEA & NAEEA 2019 Conference:
Enabling Excellence Through Equity

Equity Practitioners in Higher Education in Australasia (EPHEA) and National Association of Enabling Educators in Australia (NAEEA) is pleased to host the 2019 EPHEA/NAEEA Biennial Conference themed “Enabling Excellence through Equity” this year at the University of Wollongong Innovation Campus.

The EPHEA biennial event has become a key conference in the equity landscape of education, attracting approximately 300 attendees from around Australia and New Zealand. The aim of the conference is to bring together equity practitioners in higher education to highlight and share knowledge on best practice in student and staff equity.

Similarly the NAEEA biennial event attracts support staff and academics involved in enabling programs in Australia and New Zealand to come together to share ideas, challenges and successes.

In 2019 EPHEA has partnered with NAEEA to hold a combined educational conference to promote the aims of both the organisations and bring practitioners from equity and enabling together.

Held over three days with a focus on ‘Enabling Excellence through Equity’, this professional development forum aims to position equity in a strength based model, whereby institutions recognise the rich knowledge, experiences and skills that diversity can enable.

The conference endeavours to highlight the outstanding work of equity practitioners across the sector, as well as celebrate the achievements of our staff and students who have leveraged their experience to achieve excellence.


24th November 2019 – 27th November 2019


Innovation Campus
Wollongong NSW 2500

For more information on this event please contact Kylie at kaustin@uow.edu.au