Schooled Overseas – Studying in the UK

The Access Participation and Success (APS) team (formerly Widening Access and Success) at The Open University run a popular programme of free seminars exploring many aspects of widening participation.

On 20th November 2019 APS will be running a seminar exploring:

  • The impact and challenges on students, having been schooled (up to secondary age) overseas, undertaking higher education in the UK. What are the barriers in UK higher education facing students schooled overseas: a different take on the attainment gap?
  • Addressing the BAME awarding gap is a priority for institutions of higher education, but little attention has been given to schooling overseas. Are there differences by country of origin? How important is the student’s first language if it was not English? What is the impact of race?

We will hear personal experiences from students alongside contributions from academics and practitioners. We will look at research, highlight challenges and look at initiatives to support success.


20th November 2019


10:15am – 13:30pm


The Open University,
Walton Hall,
Milton Keynes,

To register for the seminar please sign up using the Eventbrite link.

For more information on this event please contact Darren at