Higher Education Inclusiveness Through Part-Time Studies

This event is geared towards creating awareness of the need for higher education, as the majority of secondary school graduates have limited to no access to higher education either due to paucity of funds and/or as a result of the dictates of their jobs.

In order to narrow that gap in access to higher education and boost career advancement for those already engaged in the public and private sectors of the economy, this event will provide an avenue to sensitise members of the university’s contiguous communities, the state and the nation at large on available choices and flexible payment opportunities in accessing higher education either as artisans or employees.

This event will be open to the public and uploaded on the University’s website for wider attendance. It is hoped that the event will improve inclusiveness, strengthen entrepreneurial skills, career prospects and advancement for students.

The event will feature a lecture, short talks, play-let and round-table talks, all of which will hub around the main theme, and will explore sub-themes including:

  • Securing your future with part-time education;
  • Breaking the chains of poverty through access to part-time education;
  • Enhancing entrepreneurial skills through access to education and
  • Climbing high on the career ladder through access to higher education.

The Play-let for example will highlight the need for higher education. It will feature two entrepreneurs who started business at the same time with identical experiences and exposures but one later had access to higher education and made significant progress which resonated in the way he did his business in terms of strategy and organisation of business etc. This will be juxtaposed with the entrepreneur who took an alternative path outside of Higher Education, and the differences in their opportunities and outcomes will be explored. This entrepreneur’s advancement became manifest and far progressive than the other entrepreneur.


26th November 2019




Crawford University, Multiple-Purpose Hall
Igbesa, Ogun State

For more information on this event please contact Comfort Omorogbe at omorogbece@yahoo.com