Personal Statement Feedback Service for UK State School Students

Causeway Education has been helping students from state schools, and their teachers, to improve the quality of their personal; statements since 2013. We are experts in university admissions, we worked with the Sutton Trust on their research into the disparity in personal statement quality between the private and state sector, and we have been supporting state school students and their teachers ever since.

All day on the 26th November 2019 the Causeway team will be offering a personal statement feedback service to any student who emails in their personal statement.

State-educated students with the same grades as their peers in the private sector are a third less likely to receive an offer from a leading university. (Boliver 2013) The complexity of application processes provides an additional barrier to students, particularly those from under-represented groups. With clearly defined, practical guidance, students can be supported to produce more competitive applications and prepare themselves for the destinations that are best for them.


26th November 2019





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