University of Southern Queensland hosting #WAHED2018 symposium

27/09/2018 | News

The University of Southern Queensland, an Australian university supporting World Access to Higher Education Day, has announced that it will be hosting a symposium on the day itself, 28th November 2018. The theme of the symposium will be: ‘Is Australian higher education addressing, or contributing to, access inequalities?’. The event will be live-streamed, allowing it to be accessed around the world. For full details, the university has created a mini-site for the event at

Call for participation

The University of Southern Queensland is inviting submissions to the symposium, to be submitted to by Monday 22 October 2018.

The symposiums has FIVE submission types, which will be double peer, but not blind, reviewed by the organizing committee:


Posters offer visual representations of projects and development initiatives that provide opportunities for conference delegates to discuss the topic with presenters. Posters enable individuals or groups to display information about innovative projects or activities in an informal, interactive environment. A poster session will be scheduled as part of the final program.

Lightning Talk

Lightning Talks are opportunities to provide a very short overview of a project, showcase a new initiative or highlight a key issue. Presentations are strictly limited to 5 minutes.

Lightning Round

A Lightning Round features 3 to 4 short presentations (for example 5 minutes) by different speakers all critically exploring the same topic, from different perspectives. Accepted Lightning Rounds will be allocated a 25 minute presentation slot in the final program.

Open Fishbowls

Open Fishbowl sessions create a space for dialogue on a topic of broad interest to the symposium attendees. Details on how to run an Open Fishbowl session can be found here. Accepted Open Fishbowl sessions will be allocated a 50 minute presentation slot in the final program.

Full Presentations

A full presentation may feature research studies in areas of emergent or innovative practice, case studies, small scale exploratory projects, pilot studies, evaluations or conceptual discussions on recent developments or emerging ideas. Accepted Full Presentations will be allocated a 25 minute presentation slot in the final program.

Criteria for Selection

All submissions will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Alignment to the World Access to Higher Education Day theme
  • Originality and innovation of the work/proposal
  • Clarity, coherence and organisation of writing
  • The value/interest of the topic for a diverse range of delegates
  • Appropriateness of the session type/format for the topic
Registering for the event

The symposium is free of charge, however, the University of Southern Queensland have asked people planning to attend to register for the event to assist with planning. Find out more on their registration page.

Host an event and get involved

Your educational organisation could join the University of Southern Queensland in making a difference to World Access to Higher Education Day. We’re looking for organisations to host an event that supports access and success in higher education and join a diverse range of events taking place around the world on and around 28th November 2018.

There are also other ways of getting involved. You could attend our UK or Australian conferences or share student case studies as part of our Student Voices campaign. You could also help make a difference to our campaign by becoming a supporter. Registering is quick, easy, and has no cost all we need from you is permission to add your institution’s logo to our list. To register, all you need to do is fill in the quick two-minute form on our Become a Supporter page.


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