Summary Report on the First Ever WAHED Available

16/05/2019 | News

World Access to Higher Education day (WAHED) was created as a platform to raise global awareness around inequalities in access and success in Higher Education and incites global, regional and local action to address these across the world.

With the support of over 100 organisations from over 35 countries, the first World Access to Higher Education Day (WAHED) was held on the 28th November 2018.

WAHED 2018 achieved a great deal including:  

  • Raised awarenessof global inequalities to accessing Higher Education with over 30,000 impressions on the WAHED Twitter account (@WorldAccessHE) on the 28th November, and over 500 posted tweets using #WAHED2018  
  • Prompted actionfrom over 60 organisations in 40 countries who either registered as supporters of WAHED or organised an activity or event on or around the day. 
  • Gave audience to the voices of numerous students around the world via the global student voices campaign who spoke of the impact HE has had in their lives and the various routes through which they accessed it. 

A summary report providing an in-depth overview of what WAHED accomplished in 2018 is available and can be viewed here

You can also search #WAHED2018 / #WAHED2019 to explore more about what happened on the day and since then.

We believe that the first WAHED was an excellent starting point in developing the global agenda on equitable access to HE.

With WAHED acting as a driver for dialogue, activity and knowledge production around the world we are looking to generate even greater impact for WAHED 2019.

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