Pearson Releases Global Learner Survey

18/09/2019 | News

Pearson has published a new survey of 11,000 learners from across the globe exploring attitudes to education and training.

Pearson conducted this study so learners in 19 countries could have their say on subjects such as the quality of their nation’s education system; careers and the future of work; and technology. It’s the first time the world has heard the collective voice of this many learners on such a wide range of education topics.

The survey uncovered eight key trends that learners across the globe tell us characterize the way they seek education in 2019:

  • A DIY mindset is reshaping education.
  • The 40-year career is gone, replaced by life-long learning and diverse career paths.
  • People expect digital and virtual learning to be the new normal in the next decade.
  • Confidence in educational institutions is wavering.
  • Some young workers think you can do OK in life without a college degree.
  • Markets like China and India are leading the world in upskilling while the US and UK lag behind.
  • Learners believe soft skills will give them the advantage over automation.
  • People now cite social media and bullying as contributing factors to school safety concerns.

The survey is accompanied by a reflective paper, which proposes three principles for the future of learning: that it be continuous, that investment in learning should be distributed over a lifetime rather than concentrated at a young age, and that it be outcomes-based, delivering the skills and learning that learners and employers seek. It also explores how these principles might be put into practice.

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