Ernie’s Voice

Ernie’s Voice

Country: Hungary

Erno Frak [Ernie], a mature student entered higher education to change his life around to do what he truly enjoys.

I moved to the UK in 2012 from Hungary in hope of starting my very own life and become independent from my family. It was a great decision as I love living in London, in the city of hope and opportunities.

I worked full time in five star hotels here in London for several years until I realised that I was probably wasting my talent with those jobs and that it does not hold a future career for me. I studied Web design back in Hungary and I always had a great interest in IT, tech and design. My friends motivated me to take the big step: write a strong personal statement and apply to universities – since I have nothing to loose by trying.

Here I am today, a student at Brunel University London who is really happy about making that step back then. I started in 2016 on a Foundation course for Computer Science. It turned out that I would prefer to study a subject where I can use my talent more than my maths skills so I requested a course transfer. Currently studying Digital media – Visual Effects and Motion Graphics for the second year and I absolutely love my course.

I also love the world of education as a mature student. I do feel that I appreciate opportunities a lot more than some of the younger students at the university.I found fitting in quite easy and I did not feel my fellow students would treat me differently or that it would be a barrier at all in making friends.

My university offers great support to all their students either them being mature, disabled, or coming from difficult backgrounds. We have got a Mature student society where we regularly meet up and network and also discuss things about any problems we may have during our studies.

Looking at my current achievements in terms of both academic and personal – I feel proud, and grateful. I have won several awards in recognition of my volunteering, my Student Union representative work as well. Last summer I also completed a summer internship programme with the support of Brunel University and I also was lucky enough to be part of a Summer School two week programme in Colombia as one of the most motivated students to represent the university and build connections for them.

Going to university is never too late, and even getting my first degree after I will turn 30 has the same value and hard work put into. I do not regret but I appreciate that I got into higher education and I very likely will be progressing into the creative industry shortly – where I will do what I truly enjoy for a living.

Being a Home/EU status student I am budgeting on the maintenance loan I receive from the UK government and I imagine that Brexit will not have much of an effect on my future. I am going to stay and am planning to work in London.


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